Building a Future With Custom House Builders in Burlington

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Building a Future With Custom House Builders in Burlington

The Best House on the Block

Custom home builders in Burlington are constantly on the hunt for cutting edge architectural design ideas that make the homes they build stand out from all of the others on the block. Cookie cutter home designs might be marginally cheaper and faster to build, but spending a little bit of extra money up front to build a unique home with modern interiors and striking exteriors will catch the eye of home buyers looking to buy real estate in Burlington, resulting in multiple offers and a huge profit.

To Build or Not to Build, There Is No Question

For any home owner, there comes a time when they either outgrow their home or just want a change. The initial instinct is typically to renovate. This begins with minor renovations such as changing paint colours and laying down hardwood floors. This leads to full gut renovations, including knocking down walls for that open concept feel, energy efficient retrofits, high-tech radiant heating, and even heritage restorations on older homes.
All of these renovations are guaranteed to increase the resale value of your home, which is fantastic, but there comes a time when everyone asks themselves: Should I build the home of my dreams?
The answer is obvious: Yes! And here’s why…
Fewer repairs – The features of modern homes are engineered to last and certainly require less maintenance than keeping up with the crumbling foundation of an older home.
Safety – New homes are outfitted with fire safety features such as hard wired smoke detectors and fire retardant insulation; features that are not mandatory in older homes.
Health – Brand new custom homes come with the security of knowing that there is absolutely no presence of toxic materials, such as asbestos and lead paint, which could potentially harm you or your family. Mouldy rafters and floorboards are also concerns that you do not have to worry about.
Efficiency – Water efficient plumbing and emission-reducing electrical features save money when it comes to your utility bill and make for a far more sustainable home in the long run. Improved HVAC (heating, ventilation, and cooling) is not only good for the environment and better for your bank account, but real estate agents can estimate a much higher value for your home when it goes up for resale.
High Tech – Futuristic gadgets and features, such as home automation, video security systems, and state-of-the-art home theatres, have become industry standards and are much easier to incorporate into a new home design than retrofitting into a home that was not designed with such innovative electronics in mind.

A Blueprint to Financial Security

Building a new house is a major project, so it is vital that you seek out a trustworthy custom home builder that will guide you through the process. From selecting a blueprint that suits all of your needs, arranging all of the necessary construction permits with the city, creating a workable schedule that will be honoured, and even selecting the best paint colour to suit your personality, you want to partner with experienced and multilingual custom house builders in Burlington who take pride in the work they do.

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